SLAMS Music Theatre – Little Shop of Horrors


Director – Will Sayers
Musical Director – Ryland Sack
Choreographer – Steph Clare-Cover
Production Manager – Emily Van de Vreede

15th – 23rd September 2017
Knox Community Arts Centre, Bayswater

Tuesday and Thursday evenings 7:30-10.30pm
Sunday afternoons 1-5pm
Commencing 13th June in Bayswater

Friday 12th May 7.30 – 10.30pm & Saturday 13th May 11am – 2pm
Knox Community Arts Centre
Cnr Mountain Hwy & Scoresby Rd, Bayswater

Dance Call/Call Backs (by invitation where required)
Sunday 21st May 6.30 – 10.30pm

If you any questions please email our production manager
Emily Van de Vreede at

· Must be at least 16 years of age at the time of their audition.
· Prepare two songs, one in the style of the show, and one character number. No songs from the show. Please bring sheet music in the correct key and in a folder. No backing tracks or a cappella. An audition pianist will be in attendance; however, you are welcome to provide your own pianist if preferred.
· You may be required to do a range test and/or a cold read during your audition.
· Please bring in a basic CV, a photo (non-returnable) and the completed audition form which can be downloaded from our website.
· Please ensure that you are available for the dance audition and call backs. You will be notified during the week after your initial audition if you are required to attend.

CASTING INFORMATION: (we are looking for a strong cast of 12 performers)

Playing Age: mid 20s to mid 30s
The protagonist of the show. He is insecure, self-reserved, meek, and generally naive of the world around him. Comic timing a must. Strong Character acting and singing ability required.

AUDREY (Mezzo-Soprano – Lead)
Playing Age: mid 20s to mid 30s
The love interest of the show. She is honest and attractive, but has very low self-esteem, dresses a little trashy, and attracts the wrong guys. Easily pushed around, but has a heart of gold, she has big dreams, and is self-sacrificing. Strong Character acting and singing ability required.

MR MUSHNIK (Baritone – Supporting)
Playing Age: Late 40s to early 60s
Owner of the flower shop; the boss, but about to throw in the towel. Grouchy. Opportunistic but with some ethics. Cares about Audrey and Seymour in a cranky, impatient, contemptuous sort of way. Some comic dance. Strong Character acting and some singing required.

ORIN SCRIVELLO (Baritone – Supporting)
Playing Age: 30s to early 40s
A dark, handsome, sadistic, laughing gas inhaling, dentist with a motorcycle, and black leather jacket. Think of Orin as an egotistical pretty-boy, indulged by his mother and all got up like a greaser but thinking like an insurance salesman and talking like a radio announcer. Strong Character acting and singing ability required.

AUDREY II VOICE (Baritone – Supporting)
Playing Age: Undetermined
Provided by an actor on an offstage microphone, lip-syncing to the movements of the puppets. His voice is a cross between Otis Redding & Barry White. Strong Character singing ability required.

CRYSTAL, RONNETTE and CHIFFON (Alto/Mezzo/Soprano – Supporting Roles)
Playing Age: Undetermined
Three female street urchins who function both as participants in the action, and as a Greek Chorus outside it. They’re young, wise-cracking, street-smart, hip, smart, and soulful and the only characters who know what’s going on. Together, they are a top notch 50s/60s girl group (Chiffons, Ronnettes, Supremes). They are our story tellers and very much drive the action. Excellent harmony singers with strong belt voices. Good movement skills required to perform tightly drilled choreographed movement.

We are looking for a strong ensemble of approximately four people to appear in various scenes and numbers & to operate the movement of the plant puppets. Strong character acting, singing and some dance required.